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We combines innovative technology with deep industry expertise to help distributors, manufacturers, and retailers achieve greater supply chain efficiency. With a clearer picture of your supply chain, you can eliminate hidden costs and weed out non-value-added activities. Whether you need to optimize inventory for a single retail location or integrate your entire global supply chain, We offers SCM, sourcing, inventory, data integration, dispatch, and shipping solutions to help you control costs and meet customer expectations for speed and service.

Purchase Management

As organizations grow, tracking supplier performance and maintaining tight collaboration can be challenging. Evolving regulations and standards add to the complexity. Our Purchase Management gives you tracking and control methods to ensure accuracy, compliance, and security in your supplier relationships.

  • Streamline purchase order writing and tracking of supplier performance with automated purchasing tools to improve supplier collaboration, order accuracy, and negotiations
  • Reduce inventory levels and improve on-time deliveries for better cash flow with cross-referencing, mass purchase order receipts, requisition tracking, and more

Demand Management

More efficiently manages short- and long-term customer demand contracts, and then converts demand into sales orders and forecasts to make better fulfillment decisions.

  • Manage inventory levels with statistical forecasting and planning tools that enable collaboration, consolidation, and aggregation
  • Gain the insights to decrease inventory on the shelf, increase flexibility, improve fill rates, and offer a better customer experience
  • Increase efficiency through an easy-to-use, visual tool

Inventory Management

Minimize inventory risks and costs while conforming to industry standards. Our Inventory Management helps you digitize, automate, and simplify your processes for greater profitability at any scale.

  • Meet customer expectations while minimizing cost and risk with visibility into costing, tracking, and country of origin
  • Manage the flow of materials—from purchase order through manufacturing and shipping—with a variety of analysis tools like shortage monitoring, reorder analysis, stock status, and more
  • Significantly reduce annual audit costs with automated control and regular inventory counting

Shipping and Receiving

You can monitor incoming and outgoing items for orders, subcontract parts being sent to a supplier, raw materials being received, or filling an order from stock.

  • Promote efficiency and speed with a consistent interface, rapid processing of shipments and receipts, and reliable tracking
  • Enhance accuracy and information visibility by tracking container shipments and regularly updating purchase orders
  • Improve margins by driving out the cost of freight, insurance, and import duties with landed cost processing functionality

Warehouse Management

Seamlessly link your warehouse with order processing and manufacturing operations to optimize your pick, pack, ship, and receiving processes.

  • Automate pick-and-pack, console-driven, and pre-pack fulfillment processes to drive out errors and wasted resources
  • Achieve greater visibility into resource utilization throughout your warehouse to optimize processes and improve efficiency
  • Transform your warehouse management and start competing on speed by offering rapid fulfillment

Advanced Material Management

Our SCM Advanced Material Management Module lets you track materials with real-time visibility and control. Using wireless terminals and bar coding technology, you can monitor raw materials and work in process (WIP) throughout your entire enterprise.

  • Produce accurate electronic requests for materials by simply scanning a bar code tag
  • Deliver the right parts to the right resource at the right time with an online queue of raw material and WIP parts
  • Track movement of raw materials and WIP to continuously improve efficiency

Supplier Relationship Management

Our SCM Supplier Relationship Management Module lets you improve supplier collaboration with tools for buyers, procurement staff, and purchasing agents, or those providing quotes—to request quotes for raw materials or subcontract services from one or multiple suppliers.

  • Improve sourcing decisions with greater visibility and insight into supplier communications
  • Create centralized records for buyers, parts, and suppliers to maintain accuracy, simplify workflows, and eliminate redundant data entry
  • Speed transactions with automated tools to quickly convert supplier responses into actionable purchase orders

Supplier Connect

Supplier Connect is a feature of our SCM Commerce Connect Module specifically tailored for suppliers. Suppliers can update their information via their own supplier portal, answer requests for information, and confirm changes to purchase orders.

  • Be more competitive by letting business partners and customers transact with your brand online
  • Improve collaboration by offering supplier self-service on open orders, part information, and access to invoice history
  • Increase efficiencies of sales and Omni channel enablement by reducing staff time spent answering email, phone, or fax inquiries

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