Amandeep Grewal Founder and CEO of Roots Infocomm Pvt. Ltd.

He is a passionate leader with excellent technical skills and very successful in managing the business operations. He is a well-educated person and has extensive knowledge of all the latest technologies. He is a good learner and very passionate to learn about the new technologies evolving day by day. He always focuses on delivering the best possible solutions to any kind of complexities.

As an entrepreneur, he started Roots Infocomm Pvt. Ltd. in 1999 and has now 22 Year experience in Direct Selling Software Development in India.

Amandeep Grewal

About Company

Roots Infocomm Pvt. Ltd. (ROOTS) offers a dynamic blend of strategic IT consulting and services to help organizations architect and build their businesses in the global economy. Founded in May 1999 and headquartered in Industrial City of Punjab, Ludhiana, India, ROOTS registered a massive growth in the last few years. Our well-honed vision, the multi-faceted skills and progressive efforts of our professionals, and revolutionary technology with which we work have helped us in becoming a role model for Indian IT Industry.

We yearn to bring technological renaissance by investing in research, in collaboration with the industry and academia, partnering with global technology leaders and executing innovative projects for over 100 clients across India and abroad gives us an in-depth knowledge of the global economy. Our conformance to ISO/IEC 12207, well-honed skills of our technocrats, state of art products and proven offshore capabilities strengthens our value proposition and makes us the global delivery center of choice as endorsed by the fact that ROOTS enjoys the faith of top Indian companies and MNCs.

We associate our clients in realizing the world’s finest technological transformations, by integrating multiple technologies in demanding business environments through our in-depth knowledge base and multifaceted skills.

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We are close-knit organized team that consists of drive, dynamic and talented achievers. We have team of professionals in computer graphics, specialist in latest programming languages and analysts with strong mathematical background.



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As a leading web development company in India, Roots delivers high-performance web solutions to global clients as our development team has in-depth expertise in various advanced web technologies. Following are the prominent web technologies we hold expertise in: