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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are specifically programmed to think and learn like humans and take action in response to what they’re sensing. Artificial Intelligence is widely used nowadays in various forms like digital assistants, chatbots and machine learning amongst others. We provides services to our customers based on :

  • Automated intelligence:

    Automation of manual/cognitive and routine/non-routine tasks.

  • Assisted intelligence

    Supports in performing tasks faster and better.

  • Augmented intelligence:

    Improves decision making capabilities by deep learning

  • Autonomous intelligence:

    Automating decision making processes without human intervention.

What We Have Done

Targeted Extraction and Automated Understanding of Text

Our team of AI & ML experts used a combination of many algorithms and techniques including a creation of overlapping n-gram sequences, language detection APIs and auto-encoder based pattern matching engine to identify and extract concepts and questions from content. Sequence to Sequence techniques were also used to automatically convert a block of text into key-value pairs of attributes and their values. as practices to get the job done in a professional manner.

Targeted Extraction
Price Prediction

Price Prediction

Price prediction of a commodity/product/service price by evaluating various factors like its characteristics, demand, seasonal trends, other commodities’ prices (i.e. fuel), offers from numerous suppliers, etc. Price prediction can be formulated using Regression analysis to estimate the relationship between a dependent/target variable (electricity price, flight fare, property price, etc.) and single or multiple independent (interdependent) variables that impact the target variable.

Blockchain & AI Enabled Applications

Nowadays Customers love to interact and engage in conversations that help them make better purchase decisions. That’s why we have embedded Artificial Intelligence algorithms into our solutions, such as augmented reality, chatbots, virtual assistants – to give personalized experience to each customer. We leverage AI to fast track the purchase process so that conversion ratio of sales is high. Moreover we provide smart solutions to our Clients to trace and analyze customer behavior to anticipate customer needs, thus creating a powerful iteration chain that improves customer service. In addition to this, we use Block chain to secure all vendor and customer data, as well as their financial information.

We help e-commerce platforms manage their supply chains in a secure, more efficient and transparent manner allowing customers to see and track the order flow associated with purchased products. Block chain experts can apply the technology to virtually the entire user experience, including product searches and selection, payment processing, and post-sale customer care.

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