CRM solution

The more you know about your customer, the more you can do for them

Our CRM solution provides you a 360 degree view of your customers. It gives you an edge to close more deals and state of the art system to provide better service to all your customers. Our easy to use interface and automated workflows let your sales team focus on the right deals at the right time. Never miss a beat and start closing more deals. Some of our hottest features: - Built-in Calling with Power Dialer - Email Drip Sequences - Workflow Automation (Auto-assign touchpoints & follow-ups with prospects & clients). Our CRM also has an online complaint system that provides multichannel capabilities, advanced reporting functionalities as well as a platform for cross-functional collaboration and immediate customer feedback system.

Why us?

Automated Inbound Calling Solution

Deliver exceptional customer service by using our omnichannel routing capability of Cloud Call Centre software by connecting a customer to the best agent every time. With our smart workflows customer is connected to the right agents and our solution automatically deliver customer information to the agent before they engage, to provide personalized service.

Customers serve themselves through speech-enabled IVR on mobile devices, freeing agents to focus their attention on high-value interactions. Our screen pops give agents the information they need to personalize the customer’s experience, potentially turning routine service calls into revenue-generating opportunities.

CRM solution

Omnichannal Routing

CRM solution

Intelligent IVR

CRM solution

Screen Pop

Automated Outbound Calling Solution

Outbound call centres are designed to reach out to customers or prospects to provide information on a new product or service, follow up on recent purchase, or remind your customers of an upcoming appointment. With an outbound contact centre, it is vitally important that agents are not spending time dialling the phone only to get an unanswered call, a hang up or voicemail. This decreases productivity and increases costs.

Our automated dialling solutions offer you a range of customizable dialling modes to align with your outbound contact centre needs. Advanced dialler algorithms predict when an agent will become available and adjust call rates to ensure a new call is waiting for them. Agents don’t waste time dialling and waiting. The diallers automatically screen out unanswered calls, hang-ups, and leave voicemails. Agents spend more time interacting with customers and prospects – increasing productivity and revenue.

CRM solution

Predictive Dialer

CRM solution

Power Dialer

CRM solution

Progressive Dialer

Computer Telephony Integration

With CTI, no phones are necessary. Call center agents can make and receive calls from their computer with just a click of a mouse. Additionally, with call control in the browser (i.e., answer, hang up, transfer, hold, mute, etc.), call center agents never have to go back and forth between their call center software and desk phone when handling calls. They have advanced call control functionality right where it should be — alongside the information that is fuelling their conversation with the caller. Agents can quickly understand the context for who is calling and their previous interactions, improving the end-user experience, and resulting in more satisfied customers

Roots CRM Features

Contact Management & Profiling

All conversation with the customer (email, SMS, Zip Calls, invoices, quotes and tasks) will be in a single place.

Team Performance Dashboard

Teams daily performance and other Analytical data on a single dashboard.

Daily Digest

This module helps to manage your daily tasks, missed follow ups and analytical data.

Generate Leads on Your Website

All sales enquiries and timeline of the conversations from different channels get consolidated.

File Manager

Customers’ KYC documents, Proposals, RFP etc. are saved in the in-built file manager.

Custom Filters

Custom reports are generated based on dynamic filter for multiple attributes.


Custom reports can directly used in sending notifications to clients regarding new offers and deals.


Sending an auto reply email to a customer as soon as lead is created on the CRM.

Marketing Automation

Automated follow-up mails to the clients on periodic basis.

Task Scheduling

Reminders for leads and existing client services for advance follow-ups.

Customer Support

In-built help desk lets your support team keep track of support requests from the clients.


Issue invoices, quotes, sales order and add to the user timeline to keep everything at a single place.

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