IMC offers a range of wellness products that provide nutrition for optimal health. Its mission is to bring the promise of a better life through its products and by offering a rewarding business opportunity. IMC had difficulty managing the issues associated with direct seller management, supply chain management and its automation. We provided an end-to-end, turnkey solution that empowers organizations to manage and grow their business – resulting in success!

We have been with ROOTS for more than 15 years. They’ve been a critical part of our growth and success.”


Dr. Ashok Bhatia

Founder and Chairman


As IMC grew, they faced a range of difficulties that came with rapid growth and expansion. They needed to find a way to manage issues relating to taxation and regulation. There were also challenges with handling direct sellers payment processing.

To support their continued growth, IMC had to have a software platform that grew with them and a support team they could rely on to create solutions as challenges arose.

“I’ve always been pleased with how the team at ROOTS is able to work with us to make a solution happen, often on a very short timeline."



IMC partnered with ROOTS to provide a highly scalable and flexible technology platform to deliver many leading-edge services that include payment processor integration, accurate commission calculation and detailed genealogy, and mobile-optimized replicated websites. All delivered through an intuitive user interface that is easy to use.

Additionally, IMC leveraged the SCM and DSM Platforms which enables them to produce customized reports and even apply artificial intelligence to gain greater visibility of their business.

“The ERP.DSM and ERP.SCM Platform’s reliability has been integral to our growth as a company.”




When asked by Mr. Manjeet he would say to a business that was in the process of selecting a direct-selling software solution, he replied, “There are several reasons why I would recommend ROOTS. First, the Roots have solutions that we’ve been able to grow with. That’s important to us because we’ve grown so tremendously. Second, it’s reliable. It’s a solution we can trust to work so we can focus on the other aspects of our business. Third, the commitment of the Roots team to help us achieve our goals has been essential to our success.”

Hyper-Growth Around The India

  • 1300% Growth
  • Warehouses in more that 29 States
  • Distribution in more than 7000 Cities
  • More than 1 Crore Direct Sellers

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